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  1. A healthy 'cervical lordosis' refers to the natural curvature of the cervical spine. When there is a loss of cervical lordosis, the neck can become abnormally straight, increasing the chances of developing what's known as 'forward head posture' and adverse spinal tension that impacts the entire spine
  2. In general, this is represented by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. Frequently such studies reveal no other significant findings apart from a loss of cervical lordosis either under the form of a simple straightening of the spine or even an inversion of the normal curvature into a kyphosis
  3. Cervical lordosis refers to the normal curve of the neck vertebrae. Cervical lordosis is a curve in the cervical spine , the area of the spine which contains the neck vertebrae . This curve is entirely normal and in fact desirable because it helps to stabilize the head and spine, but when the curve straightens out, becomes too deep, or faces in the wrong direction, it can become a problem
  4. The most common symptom of lordosis is muscle pain. When your spine curves abnormally, your muscles get pulled in different directions, causing them to tighten or spasm. If you have cervical..

Lordosis is a condition where there is an increased inner curvature of the spine in lumbar region and cervical region of the human spine. Lordosis refers to your natural lordotic curve, which is normal. But if your curve arches too far inward, it's called lordosis, or swayback. Lordosis can affect your lower back and neck Lordosis is historically defined as an abnormal inward curvature of the lumbar spine. However, the terms lordosis and lordotic are also used to refer to the normal inward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the human spine. Similarly, kyphosis historically refers to abnormal convex curvature of the spine Cervical lordosis is a curvature of the cervical spine or the vertebrae in the neck region. There is a normal slight curve present in the cervical vertebrae that enables comfortable movement of the neck in a healthy cervical spine Lordosis most often occurs in the lower back, in which case it is called lumbar lordosis. If it occurs in the neck, the medical name for it is cervical lordosis. The spine can also curve outward,.. La lordosis cervical es una curvatura anormal hacia adentro en el área del cuello que hace que la cabeza parezca estar empujando hacia adelante (o sobresaliendo) más allá de su posición normal. También hay una lordosis inversa (conocida como cifosis cervical) donde la columna cervical se endereza o se inclina en la otra dirección

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  1. La lordosis fisiológica, es una curvatura normal que posee tanto la región cervical como la lumbar de la columna vertebral. Para que estas curvas puedan considerarse normales, es necesario que las zonas cumplan con ciertos ángulos y medidas; y es cuando ocurre un incremento en la curva normal que se considera la presencia de la hiperlordosis
  2. La lordosis cervical es una curvatura de la columna cervical o vértebras en el área del cuello. Hay una ligera curva normal en las vértebras cervicales que permite un movimiento cómodo del cuello en una columna cervical sana. Sin embargo, cuando hay una desviación de la curva normal, puede causar problemas como dolor e incomodidad
  3. Reversal of cervical lordosis is a frightening finding on many MRI reports and is typically an enigmatic diagnostic conclusion for patients. Unfortunately, so many doctors neglect to provide a comprehensive explanation of these cervical MRI findings, so patients turn to websites, just like this one, with questions which remain unanswered, even after paying exorbitant sums of money for.
  4. Cervical lordosis refers to that slight inward curve within the cervical spine that encompasses the 7 cervical vertebrae of the neck. This is a normal neck curve and very advantageous to get both the head and the spine be in a stabilized position without any discomfort
  5. Cervical lordosis is when your spine in the neck region doesn't curve as it normally should. Cervical Lordosis can affect your neck. This can lead to excess pressure on the spine, causing pain and discomfort. There are several factors that are known to cause variations in the healthy cervical lordosis
  6. cer·vi·cal lor·do·sis (sĕr'vi-kăl lōr-dō'sis) [TA] The normal, anteriorly convex curvature of the cervical segment of the vertebral column; a secondary curvature, acquired postnatally as the infant lifts its head. Synonym (s): lordosis cervicis [TA], lordosis colli
  7. Correct cervical lordosis (figure 5 below), as defined by numerous research studies, has been shown to prevent nerve, ligament, and muscle damage, relieve pain, and improve overall health. Car accidents, falls, and poor posture all contribute to abnormal Cervical Lordosis (Figures 1-4 below), putting a patient at greater risk of adverse nerve.

Anatomically significant physiological curvatures can be recognised on the human spine. In fact, in any human being's lumbar and cervical area, there is a curvature with an anterior convexity which is called lordosis while both at the thoracic level and at the level of the sacrum there is a kyphosis, that is a curvature with posterior convexity Cervical lordosis meaning is that it refers to the normal curve of the spinal cord. Loss of cervical lordosis meaning is referred to as the condition in which the cervical curve arches too far inward. Cervical lordosis loss causes severe pain, discomfort and affects the patient's ability for normal movement of the neck and shoulders.. Cervical lordosis is the natural curve of the spine in the neck, known medically as the cervical spine. Its slightly curved C-shape allows movement of the spine's first seven vertebrae, which are located in the neck. With an offset curve, problems with the related nerves and muscle tissue can develop and produce physical discomfort or pain Lordosis Cervical Quiropractico - YouTube. Lordosis Cervical Quiropractico. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Find the best Lordosis stock photos for your project. Download royalty-free photos, clip art, and video in Adobe's collection

Scheuermann's disease, a condition that causes vertebrae to be misshaped (Scheuermann's kyphosis Lordosis to kyphosis - the role of cervical spine ligaments. A simple explanation to a complex series of problems is that to maintain upper and lower cervical spine stability, the cervical ligaments must keep the cervical facet joints from curving in the opposite direction Cervical Lordosis Causes. The cervical lordosis condition knows no boundaries, as it can occur to anyone of any age. There are instances in which a direct injury to the cervical spine or injury due to persistent muscle spasms may change the degree of the neck curvature. More common causes of cervical lordosis are: 1. Postural Change La lordosis cervical es la curva que tiene nuestra columna cervical. La desarrollamos en el primer año de nuestra vida. En condiciones normales, nuestras cervicales tienen una curva fisiológica. Tienen forma de «C» muy ancha apuntando a la parte de atrás del cuello

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  1. a rectificación. Lordosis cervical. La lordosis cervical es el resultado de la forma de cuña que tienen los discos intervertebrales cervicales
  2. Increased Lordosis. An increase in the normal lordotic curve of the cervical spine appears as a kind of squashing down of the neck, as if there were a compression of vertebrae one onto another. Sometimes the increased lordosis is evidenced by a crease at the back of the neck when you view your patient posteriorly
  3. D may also be prescribed if there is a deficiency
  4. These Exercises are fantastic to mobilise your neck and spine to improve your neck posture and spine curves . if you have neck pain or headaches these stretc..
  5. e the existence and extent of cervical lordosis in asymptomatic individuals and to evaluate its relationship with age and gender
  6. Loss of cervical lordosis is a diagnostic finding most often seen on MRI reports in association with chronic neck pain. Reduced curvatures in the neck are called hypolordotic conditions. Lordosis describes the normal front-to-back curvature of multiple areas of the spine, including the neck. Lordotic curvatures are open towards the posterior of.

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The term cervical lordosis normally applies to cases in which there is an abnormal, excessive inward curve (hyperlordosis) or a definite lack of curve (hyperlordosis). Less common are the cases in which the curve is increasing in the wrong direction. This condition is called reverse cervical lordosis Lordosis Back and Abdominals. Lordosis is a term used to describe the inward curves in the spine commonly found in the lumbar and... Volume 1. Lordosis and female reproductive behavior: Because of the increase in prolactin associated with ovulation and... Biomechanics of the spine. Cervical lordosis. Other factors to consider when discussing Lordosis, especially in patients without significant pain, is a positional nature of loss of lordosis. X-rays and MRI's can be taken when lying down. In that scenario, the position of the neck can cause the image to look like a loss or reversal of lordosis

ما معنى straightening of cervical lordosis. secondary to neck muscle spasm mild cervical spondylotic changes disc spaces are almost preserved no bony cervical ribs 2015-04-30. 1 2021-06-20 إجابات الأطباء على السؤال Cervical Hypolordosis and Hyperlordosis. The cervical and lumbar regions of the spine can have abnormal lordosis curves which could be treated with the help of a practitioner of chiropractic care. The cervical region in the spine contains the neck vertebrae. Cervical lordosis refers to the curve which is present in that part of the spine

Improper cervical lordosis accentuates cervical extension, and as a result narrows the spinal canal and neural foramina. By encouraging and ensuring proper lumbar lordosis in the sitting or standing position, the maintenance of a neutral neck orientation is promoted and therefore is useful in the treatment of conditions that result in or from. cervical lordosis, with greater association of medi-cal activities. Lateral radiographs in standing pos-ture, allow suitable evaluation of the cervical spine without modifying its alignment. Key words: cervical lordosis, angle of Cobb, healthy volunteers. medigraphic Artemisaen líne Lordosis back pain is generally demonstrated in the lower lumbar zone. Military neck, also commonly called straight neck, describes overly straight posture due to a deficient cervical curvature. A straight spine, also named a straight back or flat back, can entail a reduction in thoracic or lumbar curvature. Lordotic straightening can occur in. Abnormal cervical curvature and cervical disc herniation are closely related to neck pain and should be taken into account before any treatment. However, studies have rarely reported on the correlation between cervical lordosis and cervical disc herniation in patients with neck pain.Therefore, in this study, we collect young neck pain patients with abnormal cervical curvature to evaluate the. The cervical lordosis measurements [C0-C7 (total), C0-C3 (upper), C2-C7 (mid-lower), and C3-C7 (lower)] were obtained from CT scans using the Cobb method. Results: A history of cervical trauma was associated with total and mid-lower cervical lordosis, indicating a reduction of the lordosis compared to the group with no history of cervical.

Etiquetas: A qué se debe la lordosis cervical, equipo neurocirugía en Centro Médico Teknon, Fisioterapeuta de NeuroSpinal Institute Barcelona, fisioterapeuta en Barcelona, Fisioterapeuta Neurológica, higiene postural, Hipertermia (Indiba activ), indicaciones ergonómicas, lordosis cervical, María Pérez Rubio, Qué es la lordosis cervical. Normally, the cervical region has a slight C-shaped curvature. This natural curvature is necessary for the proper stabilization of the head and spine. Loss of cervical lordosis refers to a lack of curvature or even a reversal of the normal curvature, which can have dire consequences for your spine health Lordosis cervical y problemas con los ligamentos y discos vertebrales. Cuánto más tiempo pases con la lordosis cervical rectificada, mayor será tu probabilidad para que los discos y ligamentos vertebrales se deformen. Y más difícil recuperar tu lordosis cervical normal

The cervical lordosis (cervical curve), convex forward, begins at the apex of the odontoid process, and ends at the middle of the second thoracic vertebra; it is the least marked of all the curves. This definition incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy (20th U.S. edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, published. La rectificación de la lordosis cervical, como se ha mencionado antes, es la disminución de la curva fisiológica a este nivel.. Por tanto puede deberse a varios factores. Entre estos factores se encuentran los posturales (debido a posturas mantenidas), factores genéticos, estrés, problemas de ATM o traumatismos, siendo este último el más común straightening of the regular cervical lordosis; loss of cervical lordosis; straightening of the cervical lordosis; Your neck, upper back, and low back all have reversed curves. One goes one method, and the adjoining curve goes the opposite method. When the curve points toward the front, it's called a lordosis and towards the back, it's. Introduction. Cervical lordosis is the anterior convexity of the cervical spine from the first thoracic vertebra to the foramen magnum. It is situated at an important intersection between the neural and respiratory systems, the masticatory apparatus, major blood vessels, and endocrine glands

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Reverse neck or back curvature (Cervical and Lumbar hypo-lordosis) Cervical and lumbar hypolordosis, also known as straight back or straight neck, occurs when the spine doesn't have the normal amount of curvature that it should. This reduced curvature results in what is called a straight or flat spine. Hypolordosis, the decrease of curves in. Lordosis cervical y vértigos: Relación y formas de actuar. Hay problemas de salud que no son especialmente graves, pero que pueden afectar y mucho a la calidad de vida de quienes los sufren. Uno de ellos son los mareos o los vértigos. Se trata de una sensación muy desagradable, que en muchos casos se presenta sin avisar y que pueden afectar. The lordosis of cervical spine reduction compared to before the surgery was statistically significantly different between the two groups (showing a greater decrease in the non-lordosis group). No statistically significant difference was observed in the other cervical and spinopelvic parameters . 3.1.3.. However, a 2015 study published in Chiropractic & Manual Therapies compared the angle of the lordotic curve for a group of 29 patients with chronic neck pain against a group of 30 controls to determine if manipulation improved cervical lordosis. 4 The patients with neck pain underwent two manipulation sessions per week for a total of four weeks

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Many translated example sentences containing cervical lordosis - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations Lordosis cervical, el gran marginado. 13 octubre, 2016. 14 octubre, 2016. ~ elrincondeunachiari. Mucha gente escucha hablar de la rectificación cervical sin tener demasiado claro que consecuencias tiene a la larga sino ponemos remedio. Al vivirlo de primera mano en un nivel moderado y estar trabajando en la actualidad para rehabilitarme, no. lordosis: [ lor-do´sis ] 1. the anterior concavity in the curvature of the lumbar and cervical spine as viewed from the side. 2. abnormal increase in this curvature. See also kyphosis and scoliosis . adj., adj lordot´ic. Abnormally increased curvature of the lower spine characteristic of lordosis. From Dorland's, 2000 Reversed curve: Cervical Lordosis is the normal curvature of the cervical spine, curving gently outward towards the front of the neck. Reversal of lordosis is just w Read More. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Lordosis (plural: lordoses) is the term used to refer to the normal anterior curvature of the cervical and lumbar spines when viewed from the side (concavity at the posterior aspect of the spine (cf kyphosis). Lordosis cervicis and lordosis lumbalis are the respective Terminologia Anatomica terms. However lordosis (also known as hyperlordosis) is also used to refer to abnormal inward curvature.

The cervical spine is normally lordosed, and loss of lordosis or hyperlordosis may result in neck pain and headaches Cervical lordosis (CL) is the most commonly used cervical parameter by surgeons and researchers . Three distinct cervical lordosis assessment methods have been described . The Cobb method using lines perpendicular to C2 and C7 vertebral distal end plate lines was primarily described to evaluate scoliotic curves [4-6] Loss of cervical lordosis can result in straightening of cervical spine or in severe cases it can reverse the curve. The condition is also called cervical kyphosis. Loss of cervical lordosis can result in pain and stiffness in neck. It can also lead to referred pain in hand, vertigo and many other symptoms which we will discuss later on Find cervical lordosis stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day The upper cervical spine goes into hyperextension with the lordosis curve becoming more pronounced. This unnatural, forward positioning of the head and cervical spine places additional stress on the intervertebral discs, vertebrae, and facet joints, which may exacerbate or accelerate spinal degeneration

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  1. ترجمة و معنى كلمة cervical lordosis - قاموس المصطلحات - العربية - الإنجليزية مزيد من الخصائص وطريقة عرض أسهل.. جرب النسخة التجريبية الآ
  2. ishes, or is even fully lost. But the loss of curve can go well beyond that. After the neck curve reaches straight, it may even move into the opposite direction, a condition aptly named reversed neck curve
  3. A soft cervical collar is sometimes recommended to patients who have suffered a whiplash injury. Photo Source: iStock.com. Text Neck-Related Abnormal Cervical Lordosis and a Rigid Collar. The term lordosis refers to the normal forward curve in your neck. However, that forward curve can change over time when your head regularly bends forward.
  4. an de arriba a abajo: C1, C2C7. La columna cervical forma una lordosis (curvatura de convexidad anterior) cuya forma depende de las estructuras que se sitúan por debajo: la cifosis dorsal y la lordosis lumbosacra.. La principal sunción del raquis cervical es servir de sostén de la cabeza, con.

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Lordosis is a condition where there is an increased inner curvature of the spine. The spine has a natural curve which is very mild and it helps the spine in its proper function. This natural curve is formed due to the shape of the individual vertebrae that make up the spine CONCLUSIONS: Sagittal cervical traction with transverse load at midneck (2-way cervical traction) combined with cervical manipulation can improve cervical lordosis in 8 to 10 weeks as indicated by increases in segmental and global cervical alignment. Magnitude of lordosis at C2-7 remained stable at long-term follow-up

Lordosis is an exaggerated inward curve of the spine that typically affects the lower back, a condition called lumbar lordosis. Less often, children develop a pronounced inward curve of the neck, cervical lordosis. Lordosis can affect people of all ages. In rare cases, extreme forward curvature of the spine can become painful and affect movement 1-48 of 113 results for cervical lordosis pillow Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Sagino Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Standrad Size, Orthopedic Support with Contouring Comfort, Cradles Neck & Shoulder for Multiple Sleeping Positions, 2 Zip-Off Covers Included, CertiPUR-US Certified Cervical lordosis is defined as a curvature of your cervical spine or your vertebrae in your neck. Although there is typically a normal curve to your spine which helps facilitate movement and support a healthy cervical spine, there are situations where this curve becomes abnormal due to whiplash, genetics or certain health conditions

Hyperlordosis, simply referred to as lordosis, is an excessive inward curvature of the lower back, sometimes referred to as swayback. It can occur in people of all ages and is more common in young. Lordosis and cervical portion and the curvature of the lumbar lead to restriction of activity and pain. Therapeutic exercise prevents the appearance of negative factors, it contributes to the creation of a kind of corset on the damaged areas. The only condition: the exercises must be performed regularly, as only in this case we can speak about.

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An Overview of Cervical Degenerative Kyphosis. The cervical spine in its normal relaxed position aligns in a curved orientation called a lordosis. This is a C shaped curve with the opening of the curve toward the back of the neck. (See the second image). The reason for this curve's existence is due to the angles of the base of the skull. RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Cervical lordosis in asymptomatic individuals: a meta-analysis Guang-Ming Guo1†, Jun Li1†, Qing-Xun Diao1*, Tai-Hang Zhu1, Zhong-Xue Song1, Yang-Yang Guo1 and Yan-Zheng Gao2* Abstract Background: Cervical lordosis has important clinical and surgical implications [Purpose] The aim of this study was to determine the effect of cervical posture manipulation, based on passive motion analysis (MBPMA) and general mobilization, on cervical lordosis, forward head posture (FHP), and cervical ROM in university students with problems in cervical posture and range of motion (ROM) 脊柱前凸(lordosis)為醫學上的一個名詞,用來形容脊柱向前過度彎曲。 脊柱中的兩個部分,分別為頸椎(cervical)和腰椎(lumbar),正常都有一定前凸的彎度,也就是說他們本來就有一定向前的凸度(前方)以及向後的凹度(後方),是正常人體解剖上的現象。 當提及其他哺乳類的解剖學時,使用.

Cervical lordosis is important for the efficiency of many processes including mastication, breathing, vocalization, eye movement, and gaze and for the shock absorption during walking and running [].Curvature of the cervical spine has important clinical implications [2, 3].Attainment of moderate cervical lordotic curvature is found to be associated with better surgical outcomes in patients with. Disruption of the cervical lordotic curve can cause undesirable symptoms such as neck pain, and cord compression. The purpose of this study was to investigate the biomechanics of loss of cervical lordosis by measuring the cross‐sectional area (CSA) of the cervical muscles using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and to determine the relationship between cervical lordosis angle and cervical. Cervical spinal manipulation was continued as was the neck exercises with the addition of an elastic band pro-lordotic neck exerciser (Circular Traction Supply Inc., Huntington Beach, CA, USA) for resistance, these again were performed for up to 5-minutes being held for 10-seconds cervical lordosis reversal(cervical straightening syndrome) ===== Flat neck syndrome.. In mild cases, the reversal of cervical lordosis can be achieved by doing the following exercise routine daily: Flexing the neck back and forth gently, as though in the act of nodding yes. Stretch your head forward and down so your... Retracting the neck while keeping a forward-facing stance: Stand.

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Some Chiropractic researchers have hypothesized that facet and odontoid architecture variations can cause a reduction in cervical lordosis. To evaluate this hypothesis, Dr. Deed Harrison discusses how the Sagittal plane anatomical variations (angulation) of the Cervical Facets and C2 Odontoid affect the geometrical configuration of the Cervical. The normal cervical spine has a lordotic curve. Abnormalities of this natural curvature, such as loss of cervical lordosis or cervical kyphosis, are associated with pain, disability, and poor health-related quality of life. Loss of cervical lordosis causes disrupted biomechanics, triggering a degenerative process in the cervical spine The lordotic angles of the cervical spine were measured from C2 to C7 using Cobb's method. Angles >10°, 0° to 10°, and <0° were judged as lordosis, straight, and kyphosis, respectively. Plain radiographs were repeated postoperatively (1 or 3 months postoperatively) to evaluate bone graft fusion, instrumental failure and cervical curvature Cervical lordosis is abnormal inward curvature of the cervical spine which can cause the head to appear pushed forward. Also, the curve in the cervical spine may straighten out, causing the neck to completely straighten. This condition is known as cervical kyphosis. Cervical lordosis can have several causes

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  1. La lordosis es la curvatura cóncava fisiológica de la columna. <br />La columna presenta tres curvaturas fisiológicas: <br /> *una hacia afuera de la columna dorsal o cifosis. <br /> *dos lordóticas: la lordosis lumbar y la cervical. <br />¿Qué es?<br /> 3. 4
  2. Se le llama lordosis cervical a la curvatura que se forma en la columna, específicamente hacia adelante.La columna está compuesta por las vértebras, las cuales (a pesar de que no lo parezca) no tienen una estructura recta.En realidad la columna está compuesta por dos curvas: lordosis y cifosis, las cuales diariamente se encargan de soportar todo el peso del cuerpo
  3. s C2-C7 lordosis ('T1S-CL') impacts on patients' clinical outcomes. Background. A 6-month follow-up study demonstrated that, similar to the thoracolumbar spine, the severity of disability increases with sagittal malalignment after cervical reconstruction surgery. Methods. From 2007 to 2014, 31 consecutive patients having multilevel posterior cervical fusion for cervical stenosis.
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As previously mentioned, the T1S is the only cervical parameter that also correlates with the thoracolumbar spinopelvic parameters. 9,14,20,21,30 Use of the T1S to determine cervical lordosis links the cervical spine to the thoracolumbar spine Search Results. 500 results found. Showing 1-25: ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code M40.4. Postural lordosis 477 resultados para rectificacion de la lordosis cervical. Sentencia nº 01275 de Tribunal Supremo de Justicia - Sala Político Administrativa de 23 de Noviembre de 2016. Accidente de trabajo. única responsable del daño. Administración pública. Derecho por lesión. y facial derecho; osteoartrosis cervical y lumbar, hernia discal L5-S1. The anatomic implant has a 6° of built-in lordosis. ROI-C anatomic's design is available in both PEEK OPTIMA® and titanium coated (Figure 3a). • ROI-C Lordotic: Features a tapered profile for patients with flattened endplates. The lordotic implant has 7° of built-in lordosis. ROI-C lordotic's design is available in both PEEK OPTIMA® an

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The lordotic curves exist in the cervical spine and lumbar spine. They are partially responsible for providing support for the weight of the body and also help distribute stress and force throughout the vertebral column to prevent injury. When the lordosis straightens, the condition may be described as a straight spine, a straight neck or a. The Study: Correlation between cervical lordosis and cervical disc herniation in young patients with neck pain The Facts: a. Both loss of the normal cervical lordosis and cervical disc herniation are related to neck pain. b. The authors indicated that studies seldom look at the correlation between cervical lordosis and cervical disc herniation in subjects who have neck pain Hohl, Journal of bone and joint surgery. 1974 when left untreated the likely consequences of cervical kyphosis are future pain and degeneration. McAviney J, et al. Determining the relationship between cervical lordosis and neck complaints. JMPT march-april 2005; Vol.28, No.

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Modern day working lifestyles have increased the prevalence of neck conditions such as reverse cervical lordosis (reverse neck curve). Discover more Cervical kyphosis refers to any degree of reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. Cervical alignment was assessed by lateral x-rays and the angle was measured on lateral x-rays by using tangential lines passing on posterior borders of adjacent vertebrae of apex kyphotic level Cervical spondylosis is common and progresses with increasing age. It is the result of degenerative changes in the cer-vical spine, including disc degeneration, facet arthropathy, osteophyte formation, ligamentous thickening and loss of cervi-cal lordosis. Spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal, may occur as a resul in a 25° improvement in cervical lordosis and reduction of forward head posture after 64 sessions of Chiropractic Biophysics® (CBP®) technique (10-12) over an 18-week period. (9) Fortner et al (13) presented the case of a 13° improvement in cervical lordosis in a 31-year old female after 30 treatments over 5 months who had also suffere The head projection and the increase in neck lordosis seen in mouth breathers is justified by the fact that these children commonly have changes in their stomatognathic system which, in fact, increases the tension on the head and shoulder muscles, changing their position in the anteroposterior or lateral directions10,11,12

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